The Plan For Stan

The aims and objectives

The Plan for Stan is a fund-raising initiative, set up by QPR fans, with the aim of providing a degree of financial support to former Loftus Road hero Stan Bowles, who has in recent months been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


It is not a registered charity - merely a portal at the time being for personal and other donations, which will in turn be given to his immediate family to assist a little with Stan's on-going care needs.


Being in its early stages still, The Plan for Stan is still finding its feet as to how it will work long-term. Probity and accountability is essential, and as such we are looking into the various ways in which this can best be achieved. Eventually, if successful, or unless a similar body is set up by the club in the meantime, it could extend beyond caring solely for Stan Bowles and operate as a fund open (with its likely limitations) to other former QPR players.


The club, supported by QPR fans, has through its dedicated Stan Bowles Day in August 2015 and other fundraising activities, already done a great deal in helping raise funds for Stan - and our initiatives, both short- and long-term, should be seen as being similar in concept, just a little more on the independent side.


More - much more - as we go along.


Joanne Connolly

John O'Mahony

Dave Thomas